Why You Need Fiber Internet If You're A Gamer

While some people may be able to get by with a slow Internet connection, others need the fastest speed possible. This is especially true for anyone that plays video games since a good Internet connection can be the difference between winning and losing. Here are some reasons why you want to have a fiber Internet connection for gaming.

Fast Download And Upload Speeds

A big reason for using fiber Internet is due to the fast download and upload speeds. Fiber Internet connections can easily go up to gigabit speeds in most areas, which ensures that you have enough bandwidth for gaming while other people in your home use the Internet as well. However, fiber Internet typically has uncapped upload speeds that max out at the speeds your package provides. This is not the case with other Internet service providers, which cap upload speeds due to limitations in the data delivery method.

Low Latency 

Latency is important for gaming since it represents the response time from when you press a button to when it gets sent across the Internet. Low latency is better and represents a near-instant response for when your opponent sees your actions. This is crucial in some games where a few frames of delay can really make a difference in your overall performance. 

For example, multiplayer first-person shooters have people constantly moving in an arena where pinpoint accuracy is key. Any game where you are competing against other people can really benefit from low latency. Not just for you, but for your teammates and competitors as well. It makes the experience much more enjoyable for everyone involved. 

High-Quality Streaming

One of the latest trends in gaming is cloud streaming. This is when a player doesn't have the video game installed on a local console or computer, but streams it from a server somewhere else in the world. This allows people to play older games on systems that are not backward compatible, or subscribe to services where you have access to a huge library of games.

Fiber Internet will provide a fast connection that allows you to stream games in high quality. When you are playing games that have a 4K frame rate and a 60fps frame rate, you need all the speed that you can get so that the game streams to you in real time and in high quality. It's not the same as streaming a 4K movie where the video can buffer in the background.

For help setting up your connection, contact a home fiber internet provider in your area.