Should You Bundle And Will You Save? Internet Comparisons By Cost And Providers

Subscription TV and phone companies all want you to "bundle and save." The offers are always tempting, but how good are they really? When you are looking for internet providers, do you want more than just internet service? These are complicated questions, but the answers follow. 

Bundling Is Really BOGOing 

Take a really good look at the services provided in a bundle deal from a provider. Now match those services up to what they are as separate services and what those separate services cost. It may not surprise you at all to learn that bundling is like buying one service and getting one at half off the cost — or buying two services at full price and getting the third service free. Bundling is really BOGOing, and the disappointing part is that the bundle promo you sign up for eventually ends. With some providers, it is done and over with in six months, while other providers may give you up to two years. After that, your bundled services suddenly revert to their separate pricing, and you are back to square one. For that reason, if the only service you really want is internet, it is better just to get the internet and skip the rest. 

Internet Standalone Provider, Phone Line Provider, and TV Provider

When it comes to internet providers, you definitely have options. There are standalone providers of just internet service, which means you will get no extra calls and no extra pressure to buy other services. There are phone line providers who are more than willing to provide you with a landline, a cell phone, internet service, and their version of cable TV. Then there are the TV providers that do not provide any phone services, but are happy to hook you up with their version of internet service. On top of that, certain providers offer multiple speeds and various internet service delivery systems (e.g., cable delivery, digital/WiFi delivery, antenna delivery, etc.). It is certainly complicated to make a decision, but when you want just high speed internet service with very specific upload and download speeds, that narrows things down a lot. 


Some companies will charge you something out of this world for just internet. They want to make their bundles more attractive, and this is one marketing approach that works. Others will increase the cost based on delivery system and speed. The faster you want it over more high-tech delivery methods, the more it will cost you. You have to decide just how much is too much for internet service each month, and then buy the service just below that price.