The Advantages Of A Fiber Internet Connection

Do you currently have high speed internet that is delivered through a coax cable? If so, you may not realize that this technology has so many limitations that makes it inferior to a fiber internet connection. Here are some of the advantages of making the switch to fiber internet. 

Faster Transfer Speeds

One of the limitations of broadband internet over a coax cable is the transfer speeds. There is a cap of how much data these cables can handle, which is quite low, and Internet service providers often have to put bandwidth caps in place to make sure that everyone has a stable internet connection. 

However, a fiber internet connection is capable of transmitting data through the cable at the speed of light. The amount of data that can transfer through fiber will happen much faster than with a coax cable, which results in the fiber lines being less congested. You'll end up seeing much faster transfer speeds as a result from using the internet connection.

Better Connection Over Farther Distances

One problem with using a coax cable for Internet is that the signal degrades as it gets farther away from the Internet service provider. This may not be a problem in a big city, but it can be an issue for rural area where it is common for homes to be spread apart by many miles. Those that are far away from the Internet service provider may experience slower speeds as a result of where they live.

Fiber Internet is not going to have a problem with the signal degrading over long distances. If the service is running to your home or business, know that the quality of the service will be just as good as if you were living close to the Internet service provider.

Lower Latency

One issue that affects slower internet connections is latency. This is how long it takes for data to travel across the internet, not just the total data transfer speeds. This is crucial with environments where you need real time interaction over the internet, such as online gaming or remote desktop control. Fiber Internet has incredibly low latency, meaning that data transfer almost instantaneous. You will not suffer from delays when using the internet in a situation where latency is crucial for success. 

Not sure if fiber Internet is right for you? Reach out to your local fiber Internet provider for more information.