Hooking Up Internet In Your New Home? Get Strategical With Your Electronics Setup

As soon as you move homes, one of the first things that you will want to take care of is finding and signing up with an Internet service provider. This will give you a reliable connection that your family can use on smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles.

Along with finding a provider that can provide you with great download and upload speeds as well as a high monthly cap or none, you should get strategical with setting up electronics.

Wired Over Wireless

For some devices, a wireless connection is the only thing that you will be able to use. This applies to most smartphones and tablets because they do not have Ethernet connections on the device. But, you will have these connections on all desktop computers and most laptops.

Although wireless signals are reliable, you will appreciate not having to worry about any connectivity issues or minor slowdowns when you have a wired connection. While you can have computers all around the house and run Ethernet cables to each one, you will have an easier time creating a dedicated computer room where you can have the modem and router installed.

This will allow you to run Ethernet cables that are 5 to 10 feet long instead of 25 to 50 feet long.

Center of the Home

When you are hooking up your router and modem, you should prioritize an area in the center of the home. This will distribute a wireless connection evenly throughout the home. It will help you avoid smartphones and tablets not having a reliable Internet connection on one side of the home.

Sufficient Cables

While you may think that you can go to any store and pick up some Ethernet cables, you should do some research before you make these purchases. Not every cable has the same qualities, so you will want to prioritize the kind that is able to provide your devices with max speeds.

If you end up with a 1 Gbps plan from a local Internet service provider, you will want to buy Cat-5e cables over the Cat-5 model to make sure you can take advantage of the 1 Gbps speeds.

Moving can get complicated, especially when you move from one single-family home to another. Taking the time to strategize your Internet plans will help you move into the new home and start enjoying a fast and reliable Internet connection for all your connected devices right away. For more information on satellite internet, contact your local internet provider.