Tips for Getting the Fastest Internet in Your Home

If you're frustrated with slow Internet, you can take steps to achieve the fastest Internet speeds in your home. This is more important now than ever before since many online activities use a lot of bandwidth, such as video streaming services and multi-player gaming. Here are some tips for achieving and keeping fast, reliable Internet service.

Place your router in an open area

You may think you can set your router anywhere and forget about it. This isn't true. Routers have trouble sending the signal through walls and other objects.

That's why it's important to place it in a central location of your home, away from large objects. Choose a place closest to where your devices will be connecting to the router. You also shouldn't set it on the floor.

If your devices still have trouble with dropping or slow connections, consider purchasing antennas for the router. You may also benefit from wireless repeaters, which amplify the signal to provide coverage to dead zones.

Choose a service plan with the right speed

You need to choose the best Internet package for the activities your family will do on the web. Certain activities require a lot more bandwidth than others. Browsing social media websites and checking email doesn't need a lot of bandwidth. So if that's all you'll be doing, you can get away with less speed.

However, streaming videos across multiple TVs or online gaming need a good bit of speed.

When you describe your activities to your Internet service provider, they can help you choose a plan that will fit your needs. And it's usually possible to change your plan if any issues come up.

Purchase a modern router that supports multiple connections

Newer modems have improved greatly since the early days of WiFi. If you're still using an old modem, consider upgrading to a new one. Current modems offer better reliability to multiple devices with features like dual bands. This means speeds and connections don't drop off if your family members have a lot of devices using the WiFi connection.

This is becoming even more crucial because it's common these days for people to use more than one device, such as phones, tablets, and laptops. This doesn't mean you need the newest and most expensive router, but a brand that has a solid reputation and positive reviews would be a good choice. As a side note, make sure you get the right router for your Internet type. DSL and cable Internet have their own specific routers. For further advice and options, contact a service like Reserve Telecommunications.